Healthcare Gamification: Lose It! Mobile App

In April 2018, Marketdata Enterprises, Inc distributed its biennial report (that implies once every two year!) “The U.S. Weight reduction and Diet Control Market (twelfth release)”. As indicated by the examination, 108 millions American individuals are health food nuts. That is in excess of 33% of the whole U.S populace. Marketwise, the Weight Loss showcase grew a 1.7% of every 2012 with R $61.6 billion incomes in 2012 against $60.6 billion out of 2011.

Entirely, 1.7% development is very level, yet there are 2 variables to put in context:

The first is that the market esteem is as yet enormous (we’re talking billion dollars here) and industry incomes are still figure to grow 2.6% out of 2013. The primary market change is to be found in the shopper’s conduct, with the ascent of internet abstaining from excessive food intake and the DIY-weight watchers age. Web based abstaining from excessive food intake incomes are evaluated at $1.1b however are growing 8% every year which is truly quick contrasted with the general market development. We’re speaking here about sites, for example,, and

he second pattern which alludes to DYI health food nuts is clearly connected to the many versatile applications that assistance individuals to get in shape. Today, we will survey the free application Lose it! through social insurance gamification crystal, which is a standout amongst the most prominent application with +20 million downloads assessed in the Appstore and Google Play store.

Lose it! depicts itself as helping you set a “day by day calorie spending plan, track your nourishment and exercise, and remain roused to settle on more brilliant decisions and accomplish your objective. We believe it’s the best, most consistent weight reduction framework accessible.”

According to December 2013, Lose It! claims that it helped individuals to lose 26 million pounds (just about 12,000 tons). That is a truly noteworthy number (what might as well be called more than 7,500 autos!).

There are a few awesome highlights accessible in the application; we’ll observe 5 of them and perceive how they are utilizing amusements mechanics to make it a fruitful case of social insurance gamification.

Movement Dynamics

Everything begins with defining up a Goal for yourself. You input data about yourself for the application to characterize your digestion, characterize how much weight you need to lose and afterward the application computes a custom program for you.

In the wake of setting up the Weight-To-Lose objective, a chart is shown to furnish the client with a basic visual portrayal of his/her targets using the application.

Settled Interval Reward Schedules

Like clockwork, clients are given a day by day calorie spending plan (the application’s virtual cash) and need to oversee it through nourishment, work out, work out, and so forth. The goal is to have a ‘green day’, which means you need to control your calorie spending plan.


Nothing unexpected to see that Lose It! gamifies the utilization of the application through identifications. Despite the fact that the plans are somewhat old-school, they are great idea and reward the client for accomplishing diverse things:

– Simply signing in (Congratulations for signing in, and so on.)

– Short-term execution (First weight reduction, and so forth.)

– Long-term execution (most recent a month utilization)

Friend Gaming

Lose it! incorporates with the most mainstream wellbeing and wellness gadgets and applications accessible (we’re talking remote scales, pedometers, exercise applications, and the sky is the limit from there) to give a really consistent, associated involvement. For example, clients can match up Lose It! with their NikeFuel Band which enable them to incorporate the application to their different gadgets.

Ongoing Feedback

Lose it! enables clients to associate with companions, family, partners, and so on. You can inspire your companions and bolster players that are in effect less dynamic on the application. It’s a sort of care group, however what it does is that it utilizes group as an approach to produce rehash use of the application.

In spite of an extremely focused condition, Lose It! figures out how to play its cards right because of an exceptionally well idea application that places itself in the shoes of the client. The outline of the application exploits important diversion mechanics which make the experience individual, connecting with and very inspiring. We think of it as an incredible case of medicinal services gamification.

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