The Season of Miracles

during the holiday season it seems every body steps lower back to mirror at the yr that is coming to an quit. This 12 months i’m able to no longer most effective think again on the unhappiness of the year however additionally the numerous benefits and miracles all around me.

Katie become identified with a malignant glioblastoma in January of 2013. A excessive faculty senior she became looking ahead to promenade, Senior journey, graduation and university. Her life and ours turned into about to alternate for all time. Katie continued surgical procedure, radiation and bi-weekly chemotherapy. In that point she still went to Disney along with her senior magnificence (faculty nurse and mother in tow). She went to prom as radiant and splendid as ever and she walked in commencement. Katie wanted to live as normal a life as possible, consequently her pronouncing “Love the life you stay“.; Katie’s journey ended this summer season after an 18 month warfare.

Why does it take a tragedy of a young female‘s lifestyles being led to this kind of terrible manner to wake all of us around her to comprehend lifestyles?

My friend drove domestic after Katie’s funeral and informed me she located herself indignant in any respect of our acquaintances for not understanding the ache our own family become suffering. Her remark surely made me suppose. i am as responsible as the subsequent man or woman. will we ever actually realize what is going on in a person else’ life or what their ache is?

these past months after losing Katie i have definitely tried to open my eyes to the humans and international around me. There are little miracles happening anywhere if we will just stop to note. note the smile on the old lady‘s face in the checkout line whilst you say “desirable Morning” to her. look ahead to the best Samaritan supporting the antique man across the street. How approximately looking a infant take his first steps. The “Make a wantfoundation sent Katie and masses of kids on extraordinary own family journeys all through their struggles. Little miracles setting smiles on human beings‘s faces.

In my expert existence I assist prospective franchise owners in choosing and investigating the quality franchise for his or her lifestyles dreams. i am hoping that my existence revel in this past yr has made me a higher teach for my customers. I pay attention to them and attempt to genuinely feel what they’re going through.simplest then am i able to even desire to propose them on which franchise might permit them to balance their existence and courting desires with their profession dreams. lifestyles is just too short to spend it in an workplace constructing faraway from your circle of relatives operating for someone else who may also or no longer genuinely care approximately you.

This holiday season i will omit Katie terribly however her words “Love the lifestyles you stay” will resonate with me in all that I do and with all people i’m blessed to spend time with. I desire the identical for you!


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